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Covid-19 Battle Plan for Recovery

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Too many requests for help with Covid-19 symptoms came into the ministry today. It has been a day that I had hoped to never see, because it means that many are sick. This motivated me to spend the evening putting the Covid recovery therapies into one powerful document, The Covid-19 Battle Plan.

In this letter, I'll share with you an approach to healing that I used and that has already helped dozens of people in their recovery from Covid-19, including several people in the FB group, Health & Healing by God’sDesign.

PART I Introduction and Important Information

Welcome to the Covid-19 Battle Plan.


Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I want you to know about my personal experience as one of the first in my state to experience the symptoms of Covid. Back then it was called, the Corona Virus. I also want you to know where I got this plan from and why it has been effective.

"What can I do to recover?" and "Can you send me the information that helps with Covid?" were a couple of the questions written to me by sufferers or their loved ones. Others have written for the website address to the telehealth doctors who prescribe medications that have very likely saved tens of thousands of lives, as of the time of my letter to you. I'll include the link for you at the close of this letter.

I'm exhausted and my hands are sore. I will need a weekend to recover from all of the questions that I answered today and now from writing this to you. Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday. I see a weekend at the end of the tunnel. Hallelujah! The added blessing of putting this information all in one place is that from now on, I can direct those asking for help to this Covid-19 Battle Plan letter.

Since a little before 10 a.m., I’ve been at my keyboard pounding out information and answering questions from people who are sick and who's loved ones are sick. Most of this work is done in Messenger.

It is now 7 p.m. Pacific time and I'm wiped out. But because the current Covid surge seems to have brought a tidal wave of illness to many homes around the country, I am still at my keyboard. This time, I'm putting nearly all of the information that I have, that's used to help bring recovery to those afflicted with Covid-19, into one neat document for anyone requesting or desiring it. The document that you are reading is it. This is the Covid-19 Battle Plan.

We are not without God’s interventions. Therefore, we have great hope. I don't want to downplay the infection. It's a miserable illness, but I believe that, if you or a loved one is ill, with the correct approach, you and they will recover.

None of us should be sitting on the sidelines and just hope that if we get sick with Covid that it will be mild. This virus is non-symptomatic in some. It’s mild in some. And it’s a monster in others. It behaves like it has multiple-personalities. It's erratic and unpredictable. It can cause everything from a little stuffiness to severe diarrhea and mental confusion. Some people have had it three times. This indicates that a past infection doesn't guarantee absolute protection. The good news is that each infection following the first was milder.

I have had the blessing of sharing what I'm writing to you with dozens of people from around the United States, Canada, and elsewhere during the last several months. Numerous notes of thanks have been sent to me. I treasure every one. They come from precious people.

This letter to you is my battle plan where I share the weapons that I used to win the fight. It can become your battle plan, too. At the end, I include Amazon affiliate links. They can make it easier to find and buy the nutritional supplements and the medicine that I talk about in this letter. If you have the energy and time to shop elsewhere, it will not hurt my feelings. I just want everyone to have their weapons gathered before they’re needed. (I pray that you never need them. If you don’t, you can always share some of them with those who need them.)

If you believe this letter may save lives, please feel free to pass it along.

Before you see my battle plan and the list of weapons that I used. I need to tell you that I am not making health claims. We all respond in ways unique to us to various therapies, medications, and nutritional supplements. I do not guarantee that everyone who uses the same home therapies and supplements that I used will recover like I recovered. My starting place might be different than yours. I was run down when I got sick, but I was also prepared for the battle and I fought back hard from the very first day of symptoms.

I know a lot of people who have already put the information in this letter to use who totally recovered from the Covid virus. I am one of them.

In February 2019, Vern and I were in an Oregon city where the virus

was first detected in our state. I remember a waitress standing across from me in coughing a lot. Several days later, I woke up with the tale tell symptoms, fever, headache, body aches, scratchy throat. Later, I began coughing. I also was miserable with fatigue.

From the very beginning, I had a healing protocol in my heart, placed there by the Lord. It was truly a gift from Him that helped me and has helped many others in the last couple of years.

I did everything that was impressed upon my heart to do and I made a complete and rapid recovery. In fact, by the second day, the fever, headache, and body aches were gone. Nausea left soon after. It took longer to resolve the coughing, as there was a lot of congestion deep in my lungs. But I did everything in my heart to do, including a treatment that can help heal lungs, and I fully recovered. Thankfully, by hitting back hard, none of my symptoms became severe.

At the time of my illness, it was such a new virus that no-one was talking about how to treat it. There was a ton of fear and panic. This was when our state was discussing closing every city and town down.

As it would later turn out, some treatments that were eventually used in hospitals ended up doing more harm than good. I’m thankful that as time goes on, medical professionals are replacing those ineffective and, sometimes, dangerous drugs for ones that actually are effective and are much safer in the battle to heal Covid.

In early 2021, while reading about Covid treatments, I found groups of doctors who were prescribing and recommending most all of the nutrients that I took during my illness. It was then that I knew beyond a shadow of the doubt that the healing protocol that I used was placed in my heart from the Lord. That's when I first started sharing it.

The Lord made it crystal clear to me that what was in my heart for healing was from Him. I knew that every single thing that I did to heal and recover, if tested and researched, would be found to be effective against Covid.

So, I began looking for research on each of the home treatments that I used. What I found was wonderful support for what I knew in my heart to be already true.

Every single thing that you will read about in this letter has already been researched by the scientific medical community and found to be effective as part of a Covid recovery plan. (The only exception is with Olive Leaf Extract, which is currently under study for a Covid herbal treatment. It has been used for decades by natural doctors to treat a variety of viral and bacterial ailments.)

Have you thanked the Lord for your immune system? Designed by God, it is your first line of natural defense against Covid-19 and other viral and bacterial infections. Provide it with what it needs and it will perform expertly well for you.


PART II The Battle Plan: Recovery Therapies, Nutritional Supplements, OTC Medication, Prescription Medications Used for Covid, TeleHealth, and Prayer for the Sick


Recovery Therapies

The following information is for educational purposes. The battle plan includes the nutritional supplements that are frequently used in recovery protocols for Covid and an over the counter medication. The list of supplements with links is below this under, Covid Weapons.

1) Sleep is God’s “fountain of youth.” Your immune system does its best work while you are in deep sleep. Sleep should be a priority, 8-10 hours while ill in a room completely dark, void of electronic devices, prayed over for God’s Shalom (peace) to permeate the room.

2) Sunshine, as best as possible on as much exposed skin as possible, being careful to not burn. In February it is cold in the high Oregon Desert. I sat outside for 20 or more minutes daily during two weeks of sunshine. Sometimes, I covered my torso with a blanket and exposed my legs and arms to the sun, and when it was warm enough to expose my belly, I did so. Sunning first on my back for 15 minutes and then on my stomach for 10 or 15 minutes was an added way to absorb more sunlight. I was careful to not become cold. When I was unable to be outside, I sunned in front of a window. I never smothered on sunblock, as it inhibits the health benefits of sunshine.

3) Food, I ate only nutritious foods. I ate a little even when my stomach was nauseated. I had no sugar, none of any kind. Sugar suppresses the immune system and can feed unhealthy cells. No unhealthy fats. No fried foods. I ate for my health and I enjoyed vegetables. (If you have no appetite, then it’s time for electrolytes. I will tell you about them momentarily.) You might also try some homemade vegetable, chicken or beef broth. I ate lean meat, chicken, and a little beef. (Protein is important for the immune system). I ate fresh fruit, apples, bananas, blueberries and citrus fruit. I had legume in a bed of lettuce and cabbage with sliced carrots, avocado and a little Tapitio (hot sauce) mixed in. This recipe would also be good with salsa. If you are ill, health professionals recommend avoiding artificial foods and drinks. Stick as close to consuming foods and drinks as close to their God-created form as possible.

4) Drink, green and black tea (unsweetened because sugar suppresses immune system function). They are loaded with substances known as EGCG that are proven to stop viruses from reproducing. For the clinical information about this visit,

I drank 2-3 cups of green tea a day for my immune system, plus I drank an electrolyte, vitamin/mineral powder that substantially improved my mild symptoms of weakness and gastrointestinal upset. A link for a product on Amazon that I use is at the end of this letter with other links.

5) Steam Therapy for Cough and Lungs. I did steam therapy a few times each day. This was important for reducing my congestion, the viral load, and for reducing the severity of my bronchial symptoms.

How to Safely Use Steam as a Therapy to Help Clear Congestion and it May Help Lesson Covid Duration

Inhaling steam during a cold, respiratory infection, or Covid has been shown in studies and in practical application to reduce symptoms and to reduce length of illness, when consistently done. This information is based on scientific studies and the experiences of doctors who measured their patients’ symptoms and tested their viral loads after using steam therapy. (Sources:, and )

In clinical trials, Covid positive patients who used steam therapy recovered far more quickly than those who didn’t use steam therapy. Doctors had them inhale steam 4 times a day, five minutes per session.

IF YOU USE steam therapy, use extreme care to not get scalded or burned. I cannot guarantee that this will be as effective for everyone who tries it as it was for those in the studies or for me. When my son was ill with influenza, years ago, his doctor put him on steam therapy. In our family, we have used this home therapy successfully for 20 years or more. It has helped us through flus, colds, and also Covid.

So, naturally, when the Covid cough struck, I began breathing in wonderful warm steam. What a difference it made! I steamed in the daytime and also right before going to bed at night. I breathed it in deeply and it helped by loosening congestion deep in my lungs. It also soothed my throat and cough.

You will need:

  • A pan 1/2 full of non-chlorinated, chemical-free boiling water.

  • A bath towel.

  • Optional: any of these *essential oils*, black spruce, sandalw