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Dear Melania Trump

Dear Melania Trump: Some have accused you of plagiarism. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be the wife of the man who could be our nation’s next president. I don’t know if you stole some lines from Mrs. Obama’s speech. Some say you did. Some say you didn’t.

I wish I could ask you about this, but since I can’t, I give you the grace that I need. I choose not to side with accusers, slanderers, or with those who feed on the adrenaline of controversy and conflict.

If you plagiarized, you need what we all need, forgiveness for sin. I will pray for you and Donald, just as I pray for our current president and first lady, the Clintons, and others entrusted with the responsibility of leading the United States of America.

By the way, your speech was filled with a sincere love of country and passion for our nation’s well being. I admire how you demonstrated a heart for Americans, and a sincere belief that your husband, if elected, has solutions for some of our nation’s most complex issues. Your words impacted me. Thank you.

However, I have not heard yet how he will influence the American heart. In general, morality–a lifestyle of choosing what’s right before God–has spiraled downward, and what my parents and grandparents would never dream of as possible in our country has now been set into motion. Many of the serious problems that we’re seeing today are a result of this.

A nation’s success is determined by more than it’s financial stability and progress. And to truly lead the nations, we must first be led by a higher law than what can be legislated.

God bless you,

Pamela Koefoed

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