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Fall Time Pleasures

What are your favorite fall time activities? Here are 25 ideas to inspire you.


1. Watching the leaves change color

2. The chill in the air

3. Drinking hot cocoa

4. Getting ready for the holidays

5. Making homemade soup

6. Beginning to cook holiday foods

7. Spending time outdoors: fishing, hunting or hiking

8. Wearing big sweaters

9. Listening to the sound of rain on my roof

10. Lighting seasonal candles

11. Baking pies

12. Having cinnamon apple food/drinks

13. Making pumpkin pie

14. Having pumpkin spice food/drinks

15. Drinking hot apple cider

16. Carving pumpkins

17. Wearing chunky socks and boots

18. Stepping on crunchy leaves

19. Wearing plaid/flannels

20. Baking pumpkin bread

21. Doing seasonal crafts with a child

22. Watching geese migrations

23. Listening to music

24. Watching hummingbirds at the feeder

25. Fall time gardening

The aspens in my yard are decked out in golden orange leaves. Temperatures are mild, yet it's warm enough to be outside and do something. Anything (other than sitting at my desk) sounds better to me right now. The daily pattern of life has become a little monotonous.

A break from routine is a wonderful idea! I'm going to pick something from the Fall Pleasures List and bust out of boredom.

I'm not sure how wearing flannel will help, but I think I'll give it a try, as I sip on hot tea and make pumpkin pie with classical music playing in the background.

What are you doing to end monotony? Autumn goes out of her way to invite us to engage with this beautiful time of year.

Woman in the garden with a pumpkin

Happy Fall

Love Pamela

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