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Give your book the attention it needs for potential readers to discover it through a 15-minute video interview, the basic social media campaign, and by placement on Facebook and YouTube. Interview instructions and a 15-minute coaching session are included.

  • The basic social media campaign includes the placement of your author interview announcements, featuring you and your book, on Facebook once a week for two weeks. An event is created on Facebook and announced 10 days prior to your interview. Your video interview is held on FCP Authors & Books, a Facebook page, and then shared to the FCP group where it can be shared multiple times by anyone with access to Facebook. 

  • Your book is read one or more times and conversation topics are created and emailed to you.

  • You receive our two-page instructional, "How to Interview Like a Pro."

  • You receive a 15-minute coaching session to ask questions, to review the set up procedures and to check your  lighting, smartphone or alternate video streaming device, such as a laptop.

  • Your video is edited and placed on YouTube.

  • Your book's Amazon link or another retail link is included in your interview description on Facebook and on YouTube.

Video Interview Mini Package

$169.00 Regular Price
$119.00Sale Price
  • In the unforeseeable event that you are unable to participate in your scheduled interview, your interview fee or package fee will be refunded minus a $19 service fee, plus any costs related to other services that we began or completed, such as the social media campaign. In the event of a life & death emergency, the service fee will be waived, and the entire amount refunded, minus our costs for advertising and promotions.


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