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Before Reading the Religious Exemption Letter at the bottom of this page, please take a couple of minutes to read this note. 

    Many people have reached out to me for help with religious exemption letters. To date, I have sent letters to over thirty of the women and men who are members of my online community. They are giving these letters to those having authority to fire or expel them for Covid vaccine non-compliance. All but five states have vaccine religious exemption or moral objection laws in place for students through grade twelve. To find whether such a law exists in your state, visit the National Conference of State Legislatures at: 

     We must remember that whatever the outcome is, the Lord God is still on the throne and His kingdom rules over all. Therefore, I and others are seeking Him for His merciful help in this matter. We trust Him to allow whatever is best for each individual seeking exemption. Some may lose their jobs or be unable to attend classes. They can either be distressed or they can lean upon the Lord to show them new opportunities for employment, service, or education.
     My heart-filled hope and my advice for those who are fired or dismised from school due to the mandates is that they look to the Lord, seek a fresh start, and walk through new doors of employment or education. The best is yet to come.
     I imagine you're on this page because you or someone you love strongly objects to taking the Covid-19 vaccine. For an exemption request to be accepted:

  1. Your employer or school administrator must be willing to consider an exemption request.

  2. You will need to show that you have a strong and compelling moral, philosophical, or religious reason for refusing it. Since all 50 states allow for health exemptions, all that's needed from those with valid health risks is a letter from a health care provider verifying the health claim. 

  3. A letter from a spiritual leaders can substantiate your claims, but only when they are provided from a spiritual leader who you receive guidance or instruction from.

  4. If you did not object to previous vaccinations, you will need to demonstrate why you have a strong compelling objection to this one.

     The two most important steps that you can take for your future concerning this are to entrust the outcome to God and be honest and sincere with your employer or school administrator. 
    The letter is provided as an example to assist you while writing your own reasons for not taking the shot. It may not be printed or copied and given to your employer or to a school administrator as if it is a letter that I wrote for you. It is saved in a form that prevents it from being edited. Copying it and adding my name to it is prohibited.
     If contacted, I will stand by those in my community who I issued letters to but I cannot do so for those who aren't receiving spiritual guidance or instruction from me.  
     Why have I written an exemption letter? I'm aware of the controversy and the risks of doing so. But I feel it is a loving thing to try to help prevent someone from losing their income. The majority of people reaching out to me are young women in my "flock". They have children, and rent, and utility bills, and grocery bills. Most are barely getting by. 
     Even though they're faced with the possibility of losing their incomes, at this time, nearly everyone has made up their minds regarding the vaccine. Mandates will coerce some into getting the vaccine, but the majority have personal convictions about it that are as strong as steel. They're not going to bend. 

      My letter is not my endorsement of your personal decision. I would need to speak personally with you to learn why you are not getting it before I endorsed your decision. But I am in wholehearted support of you keeping your job. 
     I wrote my letter to first help women and men who receive spiritual guidance and teaching from my ministry. I'm sharing it on my website to answer several requests from people wanting to review it while they pen their own letters. 

     My heart is grieved by the widespread mandates. I'm an American. At a gut level, I know that vaccinating people through such a severe ultimatum is wrong. We are a Constitutional Republic and we don't force people to take a vaccine or suffer the consequences of being fired. Even in a pandemic, it's wrong to use this level of force on American citizens.
     For the last week, I have thought of my "flock" throughout every day. I wake up and pray for those whose livelihoods are at risk. I pray before going to bed for God to help those faced with expulsion. I lift them all up to God during the day. 

     I'm concerned about the stress that losing a job could create for women and men who are already stressed due to all the ways that Covid and hyper-inflation are already affecting normal, daily life. I'm concerned about their children and about their marriages. 
     The exemption letter below was written with the help of a wonderful and gifted associate pastor at the House of Prayer in Northern California, my sister Robin Davis. 
     She gave me a copy of the letter that she wrote and granted me permission to use it as I wish for my online community of faith. That letter was approved by a county sheriff. I researched the laws regarding vaccine exemptions and I made some additions and a few changes to it to suit what I had discovered during my research.
     One of the most promising discoveries is that an anti-mandate bill in the House of Representatives was passed by an overwhelming number of votes in October 2021. I also read that the Senate passed a Covid exemption bill, but I've been unable to find the Bill number to share with all of you and my research time is limited. Maybe you can find it. If you do, please share it with me.
     That bill makes it clear that if you have a health reason or a strong, compelling religious conviction against the Covid-19 vaccine, then you shall not be required to take the vaccine. I was unable to find if it is now the law of the land. 
     Also, the federal US Appeals Court has put a freeze on Biden's federal vaccine mandate. This may give the growing anti-mandate movement leverage. Employers and school administrators will do well to consider this. Furthermore, certain states have already passed anti-mandate laws and others are currently considering passing similar laws. More about this can be learned through an online search. I've found information about this more quickly and have found that there's more available by searching on rather than on Google.
     Several states have written their own laws regarding mandates, stating that vaccines shall not be mandated. It may be to your benefit to search online to see whether your state already has a law in place against mandates. If it does have such a law or if the courts in your state are currently making that decision, writing something about it in your personal exemption letter may be helpful.
     A letter from a spiritual leader whom you receive guidance or pastoral care from can be helpful with religious exemptions, just as a letter from a physician or nurse practitioner can be helpful for a medical exemption.

Please feel free to contact me with questions. 
You are precious to God.
God bless you,
Pamela Koefoed

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