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Accelerate Your Christian Book's Exposure with Our 

Author Video Interview Package

Our author interviews are a hit! Placed on Facebook, they reach a lot of potential readers. It's not unusual for one of our customized author interviews to receive over 1,000  views and over 300 engagements in under 14 days.

Results vary based upon factors, such as video shares.



A sale like this won't happen again until Black Friday!




"With Pamela's help, my story reached so many more people and I sold so many more books. I will be forever grateful to Pamela for her help..." MB Busch


I’m Pamela Koefoed. I help authors and their books become known.

Allow me the honor of working with you to create a conversation around your book and you as the author that captivates the attention of viewers and sets you apart as an expert and your book as a must-read title.

Our clients say they are 100% happy

with the experience and results.

How It Works


Supported          Technology

Smartphone or a computer with an internet connection.

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& Purpose

You will be guided through the entire author interview process with tutorials and personalized 

author support.

From start to finish, our goal is to give you and your book the greatest possible visibility through an engaging interview combined with our unique approach to social marketing. 


 Package Selections

    Audio Interview  Podcast Package


     Mini Video Interview Package




     Full Video Interview Package

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A video interview places you in front of viewers where they can discover your book. Combined with our innovative Facebook marketing campaigns, this can boost new subscribers on your pages, increase sales, and lead to the opening of new doors.
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Using video to connect with potential readers is one of the most effective ways to build interest and trust. Experts say that interest and trust are the two components behind gaining new followers, increasing subscribers, and boosting sales. 

Talasi Guerra's Author Interview

Facebook 14 Day Results: 1,148 people reached, 697 engagements, 4 shares.

Kathi & Jeff Pelton's Author Interview

Facebook 21 Day Results: 1,348 people reached, 722 engagements, 7 shares.

Reno Anderson & Alexis Brown Interview

Facebook 21 day Results: 852 people reached, 631 engagements, 20 shares.

Schedule an author

interview today!

 We cater to an exclusive clientele who write because they’re inspired by the Lord to do so. We at Faith Café’ Authors Interviews serve authors of well-written books that contain no graphic violence, horror, gore, or inappropriate sexual content. 


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Video Interview Mini Package 
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Give your book the attention it needs for potential readers to discover it through a 15-minute video interview, the basic social media campaign, and by placement on Facebook and YouTube. Interview instructions and a 15-minute coaching session are included.

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Video Interview Full Package
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We will work with you to create an authentic, organic interview and an engaging social media campaign to build interest in you as the expert and in your book as the next great read. Your interview plays indefinetly on Facebook and YouTube.


The full package Includes all of our video services, including coaching and pesonal, authentic touches for a truly unique online presence.

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Audio Interview for Podcast
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After reading your book,  you will be interviewed and featured on our podcast. The link for your recorded interview will be emailed to you for your use. Interview instructions and a 15-minute coaching session are included.
We are here to serve authors of Christian books. How may we help you?
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