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A Question of Vaccine Safety and Should You be Afraid of Getting it.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I've been asked several times about Covid vaccine safety.

This is not an encouragement for or against it. A plethora of differing opinions exists.

Some are even based on legitimate science. But I am adding a solitary drop to the rising sea of arguments; your body your choice and remember that your decision affects the people who love you.

Is a ticking time bomb inside the vaccine?

Many of us have read articles from people on the edge stating that those who got the shot now have a ticking time bomb inside of them waiting to go off. That kind of news is sci-fi freaky. Is it a valid concern? An overwhelming number of peer-reviewed studies indicate that it is impossible for that kind of frightening scenario to play out.

Breath deeply and release any worries you've had to the Lord.

I am a firm believer in, everything will be okay, because "God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him, for those who are called according to His purposes."

Are the booster shots intended to harm us?

This is the question, right? Under all the uneasiness, anxiety and fear, and behind all of the fear-stirring, anxiety-producing arguments against the vaccines, a question looms...has there been intent to harm?

What we can be absolutely certain of is that with every vaccine, there are risks. By March 8th, 2021, 92 million doses had been administered. At that time, the adverse affects of the Covid vaccine did not exceed those of the annual flu shots. To read about it follow the link at the end of this article.

I do not personally know anyone who has experienced a severe reaction. While several friends, a few ministry associates, and loved ones have gone on to heaven as a direct effect of Covid, and many others, both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated have recovered from it.

The only perfectly harmless protections against disease are the Lord Himself and the immune system.

Extremely few have learned how to live in His actual Presence where, "No plague shall come near thy dwelling," (Psalms 91). I do believe it's completely possible to go an entire lifetime without catching any diseases when we dwell literally in Him, as revealed in Scripture.

Next in line for protection is the immune system, which God designed to be like a sentry at the gate of a grand palace, permitting no harm to enter, and removing all that managed to get past the sentry's initial security system.

It is the Lord's desire that all of us strive "to enter in" and that we remain well. It's a journey, isn't it? It will take some effort on our parts to obtain this level of union in the Lord and it will take some effort during Covid-19 to stay well and recover. But the effort is well worth it.

The Lord wants us well in every way. I know this because He demonstrates the truth that our well-being is important to Him. You can find many examples of this throughout the Old and New Testaments. A large number of accounts where the Lord Jesus healed all who were sick are in the Gospels. Because He healed "all" shows us that it is His will for "all" to be well today.

Until we reach that place of perfected health, to improve and maintain health, may we have the wisdom and the guidance of the Lord to obtain what we need from nature to optimize and maintain our health.

God placed in plants healing phytonutrients and immune boosting substances that He intended for us to use. He designed them to protect the plants from disease and from destructive forces. He created them in the foods that we eat to help us overcome disease, and stay healthy. He did this so that we can survive and thrive in the harsh, germ-filled, environment of earth.

Bottom line...It is God's will for us to be well in every way.

But what about the boosters?

I'm not a scientist or medical professional. I'm simply a sister in Christ who researches and who has been called to serve. Let's look at booster shots from a purely rational perspective.