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What False Religious Teaching Can Make You Sick?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Some don’t realize they have poor health because they’re under a false teaching about God.

A common misconception about the Lord is that He is more concerned with our souls than with our bodies. Some have even been told this by Church leaders. Those who believe this may also have the idea that they don’t have to worry about what they put into their bodies because their faith is in God. These same people think that putting effort into natural health and natural cures is a sign of trusting them instead of trusting God.

The problem with these types of religious ideas are obvious to me but they might not be to everyone reading this. While we don't worship the human body, we honor its Creator by caring for it. We don't turn self care into an idol but shouldn't Christians take to heart the Scripture about their bodies being the temple of the Spirit of God? Since the body is His temple, what level of care should we give it?

I believe that we demonstrate our appreciation to the Lord when we work at improving and maintaining our physical health along with making efforts to grow in our knowledge of Him. Some might even go so far as saying that one way that they worship the Lord is through their diligent care of His temple, which is their body.

Furthermore, the Lord is more than capable of caring about the health of your body as much as He cares about the health of your soul and spirit.

His love is measureless. He doesn't divide His love for you three ways with the greatest measure going to your eternal soul and the smallest amount of His love going to your mortal body. His love isn't fractured into three parts. It's complete and with His complete love, He loves the complete you.

He is not an either or God. Not only does He know that we can value health and fitness while also loving and worshiping Him, He expects us to be responsible with the gift of life that He has given to each of us.

Wishing you good health,

Pamela Koefoed

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