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How to Be a Ripple

I thank the Lord for Gary and his wife, Joanne. Their lives are like a beautiful ripple in the sea, expanding outward, helping others, teaching others, reaching others.

Among other things, I learned from Gary how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, church leadership, the value of honor, pursuing a closer relationship with the Lord, and pulpit ministry. Joanne has especially inspired me in my roles as wife and mother.

I believe that my love for nations first came through Gary and Joanne's sharing of their experiences as ministers to the nations. I was touched by their ripple and have ministered in Mexico, Canada, Australia, the Dominican Republic, and Israel.

Gary was the first pastor brave enough to invite me to preach. He has encouraged me in every new ministry idea that I've had. During the nearly 25 years of knowing him, I have received from the wisdom, knowledge, and graces upon his life.

The articles that he writes are steeped in the above-mentioned attributes. A visit to his blog will show you what I mean.

Earlier today, I read his latest article, Protecting the Sanctity of the Pulpit. I recommend the entire series to you. After I finished reading it, Vern pulled up the article, Gideon's Army--Part 2. I just finished reading it and now my heart is full and overflowing. Thus, my opening, heartfelt paragraph.

Before finishing Gideon's Army--Part 2, tears had begun puddling in the corners of my eyes, because his words brought to mind how deeply thankful I am for the blessing of being in Gary and Joanne's circle.

In the article, Gary talks about "the great accelerator," businesses and ministries that accelerated and progressed because of the restrictive nature of Covid. He chose two ministries, from the many ministries that have been touched by his and Joanne's ripple, as illustrations, mine and the ministry of Kenyan Pastors, James and Ann. For Gideon's Army--Part 2, follow this link,

Gary and Joanne's ripple extends to Kenya where James and Ann have created a big ripple, as the senior leaders at Triumph in Christ Ministries of Embu, Kenya. In 2018, the Lord sent them on a 9,000 mile journey for a variety of purposes, one of which was so that their ripple would accelerate and expand into new places.

We never know who will be touched by the ripples that our lives create.

One person, following the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Jesus, can have a powerful ripple effect that impacts those within their circle and many lives beyond those they personally know.

To be a ripple, simply value others in the same way that Jesus loves people.

God bless you,

Pamela Koefoed

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