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How to be Happier

How to be truly and  chronically happy…

  1. Love God. Love your family and “your neighbor.”

  2. Be kind to yourself. You will make mistakes. We all do. Give yourself some grace, because this is what God does.

  3. Do your part to stay true to God and to who He created you to be.

  4. Stop and smell the roses. Get out in the fresh air. Breath deeply. Go for a walk or a ride.

  5. Limit your sugar and unhealthy fats.

  6. Eat your veggies. Drink water. And move, move, move your body enough to rev up your often? Several times throughout the day.

  7. Laugh. Even if nothing’s funny. Regardless of the humor element, your brain will think you’re laughing and will release health producing chemicals into your bloodstream.

  8. Read the New Testament slow enough to think about it. Pray. When you sin, confess your sins to God (and, if needed, to a trusted friend).

  9. Don’t hold grudges. Forgive. This includes yourself.

  10. Be a friend. Spend time with an old friend or make a new friend.

  11. Learn something new. With the internet, there are hundreds of classes available for you to take in your home. Classes can also be found at local churches, the YMCA, colleges, and community centers.

  12. Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

  13. Don’t spend all of your time working. Include fun in your life…clean and healthy fun.

  14. Give to others. Give in order to help someone or to help a worthwhile organization with their mission of helping others. If you don’t have money to give, re-gift something that you don’t use, or donate your time.

  15. Show others the same grace and kindness that you want God to give to you. And Show this same grace and kindness to yourself.

God has given you life…go and live it!

Pamela Koefoed

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