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5 ways to manage elections anxiety

Protecting Your Mental Health

Are you feeling a little stressed? You are not alone. Post Election Stress (PES) is real. It crosses party lines and it can effect the strongest among us. This last year has been crazy with a capital C! I am so happy that the elections are now behind us. Are you with me?

In 2016, the despair of loss felt by those who voted for the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, led to a rise in the numbers of people seeking mental health care. The 2020 elections were no less emotional.

After the final results of this year presidential contest are in, those aligning strongest with the losing political party will likely experience grief, or anger, fear, or anxiety. In addition to the boat load of stress that most people are experiencing right this moment, those who voted for the losing candidate may experience feelings of loss and uncertainty.

I’m giving you five actions that you can easily implement to improve your resiliency and sense of wellbeing. These very same steps have helped me during personal challenges. I am confident that by implementing them, you will have greater peace and eliminate PES, (Post Election Stress).

These simple actions will help you obtain release from anxiety, relief from the fear of the future, and they will help you heal from a stressful election season. 

The day after the election results are in, or as soon as possible:

1. Welcome the morning with thankfulness.

2. Get your favorite morning drink (mine is green tea) and relax for a few minutes in a peaceful setting.

3. Pray or write in a journal. Topic suggestions: what do you hope will happen over the next four years? You can bring your hopes for America to the Lord in prayer, or you can express them in writing.

4. Reach out with compassion to someone you know who needs to hear a kind or loving word.

5. Do something to remind yourself of the continuance of life. Do you need a suggestion?

Here are several ideas for reminding yourself that life goes on:

· Zoom or video call with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.

· Spend time with a child.

· Volunteer at a shelter.

· Exercise and remember that every five minutes of exercise is an investment in your future.

· Share a meal with a friend.

· Plant bulbs and watch for them to emerge in the spring.

· Work in the garden.

· Go for a walk in a beautiful setting.

Finally, I will share with you a lesson that I obtained from my personal journey. You can spend hours or days of your life dwelling on problems, on what you wish should have happened, and what you are afraid could happen, or you can release to the Lord what you cannot control and live your best version of you.

Love & Blessings,

Pamela Koefoed

November 3, 2020

© 2020 Pamela Koefoed, How to Heal from the Elections 

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