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How to Increase Your Stamina at Home

A couple walking in the forest
How to Build Stamina

Yesterday, while on my way to pick up a wonderful gift of peaches and pears from mine and Vern's friends, Jim and Lorrie, I witnessed something very inspiring.

A couple who were at least 80 years old were out for a walk.

Okay, that in itself isn't very newsworthy--not really. But wait for it...

They were walking fast.

I passed them on the way to my friend's house and I passed them on my way home. In the twenty minutes that it took to load the fruit into my SUV, they had walked no less than 1 mile. I couldn't believe it!

They were white-haired, slightly bent over, and they were zooming like Vern and I zoom on our walks, arms pumping, legs! But this testimony gets even better because I could see that their goal was the entire 3-4 mile loop.

They were the picture of what is possible for all of us.

When you're 80, whether you're still able to zoom a mile on foot or not is decided today and tomorrow and each day through actions and belief.


Yes, because the common ideas about getting older are that as we age, we lose. We just do. We lose! And we can't do much about it. The truth is, the Lord said in Genesis that man is to live to be 120 years old.

His truth trumps everything negative you've ever heard about aging. So, instead of having an, I'm getting older, sucks for me mentality, adopt one that aligns with God's truth.

As we age, we win. We can and we will win. Praise the Lord! We win.

While reading the testimony about the older couple walking miles, what entered your mind? Maybe you thought, "I can't even do that now." The facts are that if you're unable to walk 3-4 miles today, whatever distance you can walk at a fast pace becomes your starting point.

You decide to walk and therefore you walk. If you can only walk 100 steps, that's where you begin. Then each day, add 10-20 more steps. Walk at a safe pace. As you build strength and stamina, pick up your pace a little.

Small steps lead to big improvements in health and wellbeing.

To achieve a 4-mile walk at a fast pace is a worthy goal, but for nearly all of us, it's daunting. Far less daunting goals are to have more strength, better balance, and greater energy than you currently do, and to have less pain, improved sleep, and improved mental clarity.

Focusing on what you need versus on what you need to do to achieve what you need sets you up for greater success. What you need is to be vibrant and to experience vitality. How you get there is by every day taking small, do-able steps.

Activities that Build Stamina

Choose an activity of at least 30 minutes, one that raises your heart rate. A speed-up, slow-down activity is fine, as long as you are moving for 30 minutes. Do stamina-building activities daily for five, consecutive days. Rest two days and repeat.

Some Ideas to Get You Started:

· A brisk walk

· Dancing

· Cycling

· Swimming

· Stair climbing

· Working in the house or garden (as long as your heart rate increases).

📎 Lifting weighty things around the house and garden while cleaning or doing yard work has double benefits. Activities that involve challenging your muscles a little as you move can give you excellent cardiovascular and strengthening benefits.

Keep in mind that making progress in health is like the currents of the ocean. There will be ebbs and flows. It’s normal to have some low tide days. Listen to the Holy Spirit guiding you and pay attention to the signals from your body. Don't overdo it. Rest as needed. Drink more water. Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep each night and don’t forget to spend time with the Lord. He deeply loves you.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

God bless,

Pamela Koefoed

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