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I'm dealing with something personal that seems like a huge mountain. Are you?

It seems like a huge mountain stands in the way of my dreams and calling. I wanted to tell you about what I'm dealing with. Maybe someone reading this will relate in some way.

How many of you are dealing with a mountain, too?

Writing flows in my veins. It makes my heart happy. It gives flight to my soul, but there's a mountain in my way. In fact, at this very moment the mountain seems like a giant.

I've had varying levels of pain in my fingers and in my arms for about 8 years. Thankfully, I tested negative for inflammatory diseases. A chiropractor who works with sports injuries said that the tendons on both sides of both of my arms are injured. Not surprisingly, finger tendons are attached to those arm tendons.

Some things that I love doing trigger major episodes of pain. I've eliminated nearly everything that brings on flare-ups.

Little things like raking leaves, digging in the garden, and typing ten words can bring on pain that lasts for several days or a couple of weeks.

I'm currently recovering from an especially difficult pain episode. For over a week, I've been resting my fingers and arms, and applying ice, heat, massage, rest, bracing, and pressure. I'm using voice to text, but the creative process isn't the same, and it's an imperfect alternative, requiring editing.

Today, I realized that few of my friends know that I have been dealing with this. It's good that I share with you this very personal challenge because I know that some of you also have physical challenges or other issues that you have needed to be resolved, too.

Don't give up.

Many times, the breakthrough that we seek is just around the corner. Often it's prayer number 431 that's answered. (J.K. but you get the idea.) Lots of people have experienced a miracle after they tried everything else. So, keep asking. Keep seeking. And keep knocking.

Lots of prayer, and lots of self-care, and a loving husband are how I have been able to persevere and keep going, but I'm telling you some days it's just not as easy as it is at other times.

Today this mountain seems like a giant, but I have five little stones.

Do you know what stones you need to defeat the giants in your life? More about this on Faith Cafe Productions, Facebook, Thursday, February 11th at 2:00 PST. I hope that you will join me for the live broadcast. The recorded teaching will be available as an audio podcast on Soundcloud and on my YouTube channel.

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