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Late Night Stretch

I’m determined to keep to my commitment of exercising six-days per week. Today has been one of those days when everything runs behind schedule.

The first meeting of the day ran a little later than expected. The next meeting began fifteen-minutes later than it should’ve (due to the other meeting).

Vern and I made chicken-vegetable soup and the soup made dinner an hour later than usual. (Well, the soup’s cook was running a little slow tonight.) Then there was the phone. A family emergency. And now I finally have time to exercise when I should be in bed. Oh yeah, that’s where Vern is. My exercise partner gave up while I was on the phone with his mom. I found him under the covers, lights out.

Just in case you’re following along with us, here’s the link to tonight’s exercise work out,

I’ve picked a six-minute stretch video with Faithful Workouts for the ideal way to slow down at the end of a busy day. Since I really need to be in bed where my wise husband is soundly sleeping, tonight’s exercise routine will be short and sweet. I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Happy Stretching,


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