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Life Gets Better for Many Women When They're in Their 50's The Benefits of Being Free to Be You!

I'm in my 50's and it's wonderful! I love being on the road heading toward one-hundred-twenty.

In many ways, life gets better with age. Sooner or later we decide to stop worrying what other people think. This, not giving a hoot, happens for many women when they're in their 50's.

Can you imagine how liberating it would be to live without wondering if what you're about to do, say, or wear is going to be agreeable to certain someones? Being authentic is remarkable. It frees you to fulfill your God-created purpose, and lifts unhealthy weights off of you.

This decade should be called, Freedom Fifties!

I cut my own hair last week. I never would've done so if I was worried that others would think I looked like my six-year-old grandson cut my hair in my sleep. I'm not concerned at all that the edges are scraggly. It'll grow. In the meantime, I'm a hip, young gramma with her own style, blossoming big and wild.

There's Variety in the Garden

Speaking of big and wild...let me introduce you to the garden that almost didn't happen. Dozens of our young vegetable starts died in a big freeze. After I dried my eyes, Vern and I planted again.

I love the garden. All around me are unique living, growing things. I'm not only referencing the vegetables, but also the pollinators that work here. Just check out this dragonfly. I had no idea its wings were damaged until I looked closely at this photo. Isn't she a dandy?

The Beautiful Dragonfly with Holes in Her Wings

My garden is the ideal demonstration of being authentic. It's filled with diversity, making it a fascinating and thrilling place to be.

There's been a lot of talk about authenticity. We are told that we need to be authentic. Well, easier said than done. Let me tell you that! And what exactly is Be Authenitc supposed to mean?

One way to think of authenticity is to think of it as no longer hiding.

People hide all the time. For instance, they don't let others know about the holes in their wings.

When you're not hiding, I can see how beautiful you really are. When you're authentic, I can see that you overcame personal crisis or suffering, and I receive inspiration for my own journey. When I can see you, I marvel at your ability to fly with holes in your wings, and I realize that you had help, and I thank God for being there for you. And, when you are the real you, your creative side adds something very special to the world.

I cut my hair and it is now choppy, but it's fun, and I like fun! It'll grow. Until then, I'm just going to enjoy it. I have holes in my wings and they show. Do you?

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Pamela Koefoed

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