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“North Korea Warns U.S. of Final Disastrous Doom.” This is not the headline I had wanted to see in today’s news. As I glanced over the article carried by ABC, CBS, Yahoo News, and the main media channels, I shook my head. I’m perplexed. Help me if you can. Why does Kim Jon Un feel so threatened by the U.S.?

For goodness sakes! We don’t want to drop bombs on North Korea. Our government wanted to resolve some serious issues through dialect, not with murder.

Kim Jon Un’s threats against the U.S. always seem like rants to me. Usually, I disregard most of what he says, but not this time. As I read brief excerpts from his hate speech, in addition to feeling bewildered, I began thinking about how I would respond to him as a human being, not as an angry dictator, not as an aggressor, but as a human being–someone for whom Jesus died.

I want to see North Korea’s dictator experience the transforming power of God’s love. There are many individuals who feel as do I. For instance, an organization in South Korea often releases into North Korea helium balloons carrying the Good News.

Some of the balloons have been intercepted by the communist military, but others have not. Could it be that Kim Jon Un has a copy of one of the New Testaments?

I can’t help but wonder if he has a copy and if he has opened the cover and read the Living Word.

Please join me in praying for North Korea, for the transformation of North Korea’s dictator, and for the well-being of his people. And if you understand why Kim Jon Un reacts to the United States with angry death threats, could you please enlighten me?

Only God can change a heart.

Pamela Koefoed

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