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Miracles ~ Jesus Healed Severe Hearing Loss

Smith Wigglesworth, an evangelist during the late 1800's - 1942, praying for a woman.

Smith Wigglesworth, an evangelist during the late 1800’s – 1942, praying for a woman.

Many know that my husband Lance has had trouble hearing in both ears, but especially in his right ear.  Because of  ear infections as a child and operating heavy machinery through the years, Lance was almost deaf in his right ear and very hard of hearing in the other.

Our precious friend and sister in Christ, Pamela Koefoed was ministering in our church, and after she preached a powerful message on healing, she called for those with hearing difficulty to come forward.

As Pamela was saying, “The Lord wants to heal hearing today,” Lance’s ears began to pop and he left his seat and headed for the front.  Pamela placed her hands on Lance’s ears and began to pray.  The look on his face was priceless.  As he turned around, big smile, hands clutching the side of his head and eyes wide, Lance announced that he could hear!

When we got home, he picked up the phone to call our son Brandon and put the phone to his right ear.  “I haven’t been able to hold the receiver to this ear for a long time,” Lance said.  “I just can’t believe this.”

We continue to give God praise for Lance’s healing and that He loves us so much and desires us to be physically whole.  Isn’t God wonderful!?!Lance and Rebecca RichardsonSummer Lake, OregonDean Reed, Deaf in One Ear, Healed in Jesus’ Name

I was prayed for a deaf left ear on Friday night.  It was healed 75%.  On Saturday night, Pam prayed for me again and I was healed completely.  Praise the Lord for His healing power and all His wonderful love……Dean ReedGarden Valley, California

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