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Parenting…When your Child Leaves Home

When a child leaves home, you will either experience jubilation or sorrow. I can’t relate with parents who celebrate their child’s departure from home. When my baby girl (child number three) left for college—forget the Kodak moment. This was a Kleenex day, and many more tissue days followed.

Nothing in our married lives had prepared my husband and me for a home without children. Our friends’ kids grew up and left their homes, and our friends seemed to handle it just fine, some even got out the Champaign.

Like a lot of parents in our shoes, we counted our blessings. “What were we doing for the past nineteen years?” My husband said.

He was right. This pain could’ve been spared if we hadn’t instilled in our children excellent values and skills for independence.

When you first give your grown children their wings and encourage them to leave the nest, you might need a box of Kleenex. But you might not. If you do, realize that you’re not alone.

Write to me and I’ll agree with every tear. If you’ve moved from tears to cheers, forget it. You need to create your own article with pointers for parents called something like How to Celebrate when a Grown Child Moves from Home.

Part 1 of 2.

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