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The Results of the 2016 Presidential Elections…How Will You Respond

What if your candidate isn’t elected? Here’s another equally exciting question…How will you respond if your candidate is elected?

As votes for the 2016 Presidential Elections are tallied and their totals announced, remember in whom you believe. Many Christians will choose Ms. Clinton and many Mr. Trump, some another of the candidates.

Let’s each think how we will respond when the results are in. If the candidate you believed the most capable isn‘t elected…No panic. No fear. No name calling or accusations. No hostility. No judging those who voted for the person who you would absolutely never vote for. No depression.

Regardless of who becomes America’s next president, those who are lost, broken and dying need, as their vital necessity, to encounter the life changing power and love of God. Pray earnestly for God’s kingdom to come and to spread from sea to shining sea. And remember in whom you believe.

Respond with praise to the Lord for the blessings that we each enjoy, for the love of family, for friends, for our homes, for eternal life. Praise Him for the abilities that you have, for the freedoms that are yours, for the opportunities that you have each day to learn, to work, to give, and to bless others. Praise Him for the good that’s happening all around you, whether you live in a congested city, or in a rural area like I do.

Don’t let a single complaint slip from your lips. Instead, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”–Psalm 150:6.

As followers of Christ, we have an opportunity to respond in grace, godliness, and love. How we react to crisis (perceived or real) sends an amplified message to the world around us. If indeed God is our Lord, then we are the people of His bright and shining light that shines brighter as the day of Christ’s return approaches.

I’m finishing this word to you, my brothers and sisters, with a simple but sincere prayer that you will be known by your love and faith in God. I pray this for myself as well. May I be known as someone who tried to love well and someone with child-like faith in God.

Remember in WHOM you believe.

God bless each of you, your families, and God bless America. Pamela Koefoed


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