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There is no God?

How can they say there is no God?

When I remember the miracles that I’ve personally witnessed God do, I am protected from doubting His existence.

And when I look at the complexity of our universe, which is perfectly organized with moon and sun held in place, while planets rotate on the same courses they’ve moved on for many thousands of years, then I know that only an extremely wise, intelligent and perfect Designer could accomplish a feat of such magnitude.

And as I reflect on the incredible human eye, which processes some 80% of the information that we receive, my jaw drops in awe! How can anyone say there is no God?


How can a universe with everything in its perfect place have been accidental?

How could the oceans with an ecosystem perfectly suited for countless aquatic life be accidental?

How could you and I, living on this blue marble that we call Earth, be accidental?

How could any part of the human anatomy, or the anatomy of the tiny tree frog, the giant crocodile, the butterfly, or the flower be accidental?

There is no God? How absurd!

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