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Woman Healed of Osteo-arthritis and Chronic Pain…Then Her Husband Gets a Surprise

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I went to the conference in Klamath Falls and I was healed of all pain and I have my zest for life and I am more joyful than I have been for years.  I no-longer need pain pills to ease the pain.  I give all glory and praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as He is my healer.

When I got home, I talked my husband’s ear off and he started to feel bad and said, “I want what you have; being so happy and full of energy and pain free.”  Well, he got his last weekend.  The Lord healed his broken heart and took pain he had from a lung surgery 22 years before.  He is healing from a broken femur surgery 9 months ago where he had a 21” rod put in .  Most of that pain is gone also.

This is truly a gift from our Lord because He loves us all.  We just need to ask and be able to say “yes” and believe and receive. Thank you Lord Jesus,  Ruth, Alturas, California

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