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Oregon to Texas–Travel Blog Introduction

From Oregon to Texas


My husband Vern and I have labored for hours over the itinerary for our road trip. We’ll drive through six states, travel 3, 140 miles to reach our final destination in western Texas where we will finally get to hold our first grandchild and hug his parents.

Over the course of our entire vacation, we will spend no fewer than fifty-two hours zooming down the highway through mostly desert, eight nights sleeping in bed and breakfasts and hotels, and eight or more meals in restaurants and cafes. To reduce expenses, we’ll prepare some of our own meals. And for dessert, I’ll bake a super rich chocolate cake from scratch. (For this easy to bake recipe, see the back of a can of powdered Hershey’s baking chocolate.)

While Vern plots our course on a United States map, I’m searching travel sites (, and to plan lodging and meals, and stops at lovely places and interesting sights along the way. RoadTrippers, an intuitive USA route / vacation planner, is simple to use.


We would love to have you join us on our road trip adventure (in a matter of speaking) by clicking the “Follow” button at the top of this page, and y’all are welcome to join us on Twitter and Facebook where brief daily updates will be shared with the world.

We’re heading out soon on our southwest adventure.

We look forward to sharing photos and notes of fascinating and lovely discoveries with you. Feel free to write us back, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our Twitter handle is: JoyRideBook Our Facebook page is: JoyRide Memoir Blessings to you~

Pamela & Vern

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